About the Founder

Founder & President of Anjali Social Service Trust, Dr. K. Karunanidhi is a Professional Engineer, served in Government of India and various places of Northern States of India and having involved in various public affairs in a big way for last four decades.

He is an eminent civil engineer, educationist, a renowned social activist, institution builder, ace orator, nationalist thinker and a philosopher. Dr. K. Karunanidhi, is a well-known public figure in Delhi with spotless image has been in active public life for more than four decades making a mark in the social, professional, educational and industrial fields in India.

Born in a Small Village near Sirkazhi, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu did his schooling from Government School. He obtained various Master Degrees in Engineering, Disaster Management, Philosophy, Arts, Public Administration and Master of Business Administration from various Universities. He was quite interested in social service activities and working relentlessly to eradicate poverty, fight against abuse of women and children, child labour, unemployment, women empowerment and provide education to all.

Also working in MOTHER TERASA FORUM as Secretary to help the helpless by providing FREE TRAININGS in Slums and for Street Children, Women and Youth.

He is working in RED CROSS for more than 25 years helping the helpless in Delhi and various places.

He is a Human Rights activist and relentlessly worked for Human Rights. He has served as ADVISOR for HUMAN RIGHTS, DELHI STATE.

He is also associated with various Tamil Sangam activities and working towards promoting Tamil Literature, Culture and etc., He has received so many achievers awards in various fields for his tireless works.

He has written and published various Books on Engineering, Disaster Management, etc.,

He is the Chairman of NIDHIS ENGINEERING INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD. New Delhi, one of the best construction and engineering company have constructed various buildings, metro stations, bridges, flyovers, colonies, multi-storied buildings, roads and etc., He is a designer of Temple and a well known structural designer.

As he is a nature lover, he has developed a big garden near Sirkazhi and promoting Organic Vegetable Farming, Organic Fruits Farming, Dairy Farming, Goat Breeding, Poultry Farming, Fish Farming, Swan Farming, Rabbit Farming, Herbal Plantation and Horticulture.

Dr. K. Karunanidhi has been associated with many social, charitable, cultural and various service organizations and has generously donated for the cause of education and social work.