Dairy Farming

Nidhi’s Dairy Farming founder feels that dairying is a source of income to small/marginal farmers/poor/unemployed youth and agricultural labourers. The manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields. They can produce curd, butter milk, butter, ghee etc., from the milk which gives daily source of income to the needy people.

Thus, small/marginal farmers and land less agricultural labourers play a very important role in milk production of the country. Dairy farming can also be taken up as a main occupation around big urban centres where the demand for milk is high.

The surplus fodder and agricultural by-products are gainfully utilised for feeding the animals. Since agriculture is mostly seasonal, there is a possibility of finding employment throughout the year for many persons through dairy farming. Thus, dairy also provides employment throughout the year. The main beneficiaries of dairy programmes are small/marginal farmers and landless labourers which reduces the unemployment problems in our country to some extent.