Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Anjali Social Service Trust (ASSET) is a registered non- Governmental Organization for organic agriculture. The Organization is a registered legal body registered under the provisions of India Trust Act.1882.

Objectives of ASSET

The primary objective of the ASSET is to motivate selected organic farmers to organize themselves into independent and democratic decision making entities. ASSET will enable these entities. ASSET will enable these entities which may be Farmer Interest Groups (FIG’s), SHG’s or federations to carry out entrepreneur’s activity to further their organic agri-biz activities. Overall the objective is to strengthen the organic agriculture group activities through a group mode which is the prime objective of the project.

Saturation of Selected Blocks- (SSB)

The SSB project is for the novel in its approach and ambitious in its objective. The novelty lies in the implementation process. First time in Organic Sirkazhi program Voluntary Organization shall be taken up as partners to implement the organic project. The involvement of Voluntary Organization has been brought in the implementation process to bring in strategic partnership and alliances with local organizations. The strategic alliance brings into foray the importance of Organic Agriculture as a mainstream part of rural development. In the villages of Sirkazhi Rural Development entry point programs revolve around social mobilization and capacity building of farmers and their family’s for micro finance and enterprise development. Some of the specific programs bring in skill development and despite a dozen rural development schemes more than half of rural population of villages lack a marketable surplus. If there is a surplus lack of market access. The ASSET organization shall bring in the edge required for the fulfillment of sustainable agriculture and rural development process.