Poultry Farming

Poultry farming business has numerous benefits. As a result many farmers prefer to invest in this business. People generally establish poultry farm for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products.

The main objective of Nidhi’s poultry farming is to support and generate daily income to poor, helpless, unemployed youth and marginal farmers. Because, it doesn’t require high capital for starting the poultry farm. We support with small capital to start raising poultry. Poultry farming doesn’t require a big space unless you are going to start commercially. One can easily raise some birds on their own backyard with one or numerous coops or cages. So, if anyone is interested in poultry farming, then they can easily do it on their own backyard / small place with several birds.

Nidhi’s Poultry Farm established with a vision to provide steady growth in among the rural livelihood with strong, long-lasting livestock production.